Pricing and Profit Guide


Stop setting random prices that don't make sense with our pricing guide that teaches you how to set prices that make sense for your business and your customers.

As sellers, we often set prices too low which hurts our ability to make any profit. Say goodbye to questioning your pricing and feel confident that your prices are fair and aligned with your brand. You will receive a step by step guide on how to comfortably and strategically set prices that allow your business to be profitable.

This guide is perfect for the beauty boss looking to gain confidence in establishing and maintaining price points that are profitable for their brand. 

You need this if:
-You are thinking of launching a skin care business
-You are a new business just guessing your prices
-You are using other company's prices
-You are just making up numbers hoping someone buys
-You are running sales and not making a profit
-You don't know what your profit margin is

What's Inside:
-What goes into your cost of goods
-How to determine your profit and profit margin
-Pricing and profit digital calculator
-Bonus - How to calculate your product cost when making products

Please note: This is a digital product. You will not receive a physical product. After purchasing this item you receive email with instructions on how to download your digital product. All digital products are non-refundable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

The pricing guide was exactly what I needed and very easy to understand. Thank you Danielle!


This guide was very helpful in breaking down how to prove your products! Thanks

Thank you

Today I actually figured out what my profit was on a so excited about it..and I have so much confidence...thank you for sharing your knowledge with us..I strongly recommend this guide to anyone who is having trouble pricing their products..its very informative and very easy to follow


I purchased this guide.yesterday...although I gave it a one I'm giving it a 5 star it is a very useful guide if you know the math..they were kind to get in contact with me and took the time to help me understand it..thank you so much for your help..ill continue to follow this guide
.and for your patience
with me..

Tosha J
Great recommendations

This information was greatly appreciated and I use it for my products in my business!

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