Brand Testimony

Hi! Welcome to Naturally Created Wholesale. We are a faith based wholesale skin care brand catering to new beauty bosses in the beauty & skin care industry. I'm Danielle, and I am excited to help you be successful in the very competitive world of ecommerce. I started my retail business, Naturally Created 4 You, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in April 2020 with a vision from God.

I ventured into wholesale just a few months after launching my business through other businesses inquiring about wholesale products. I was hesitant to offer wholesale but I needed the money. In the beginning of 2021, God placed it in my heart to start taking the wholesale business seriously. After asking God to confirm if this is the route I need to take, he quickly told me three times to do what I already knew I needed to do. I added an entire wholesale page to my "retail website" and told God "it's done." Wholesale Orders started coming, Imagine that haha, But then I stopped because "I' wanted to focus on "retail" (what I was comfortable with). 

A few months passed and God told me to start offering bulk and custom skin care for entrepreneurs who wanted more flexibility in their products. After a few weeks I placed my bulk inventory order and told God "it's done." I started posting on Instagram here and there and received a few more orders. But then I stopped again because "I' wanted to focus on "retail".

At this point, God had to shake me. He stopped all the orders. The retail orders stopped out of the blue. I was baffled. I didn't know what happened and then I remembered what God told me. I immediately decided to create an entirely separate website for my wholesale business as well as offering digital products and services. God gave me an entire vision that weekend that could only have come from him. Your girl is good, but not that good. 

From there I committed to being present on Instagram to build a community of motivated women that I could help, the way I needed help when I first started. God has given me so much vision for both of my businesses since I stopped running from what he called me to. 

I encourage you to pray over your business. Ask God for clarity, ask him for direction, ask him for a strong network, ask him for strength and everything else you need no matter how big or small. 

This is my testimony and I'm thankful I was able to share it with you.