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Why Your Lash Brand Needs Our Lash Serum Wholesale

If you're like most women in 2022, you've probably gotten lash extensions more than once or at least tried false lashes. They're super fun to try, and they make it so easy to look done-up without having to do much extra work in the morning. 

Lashes are considered to be the next brow trend

Lashes are considered to be the next brow trend. They can be used to add volume to your face, draw attention to your eyes, give you a more youthful appearance and make you look more feminine. When it comes to lashes, there's no shortage of options—there's everything from individual lashes that are applied one at a time with glue, or false lashes that are applied with adhesive strips (think of them like fake eyelashes).

If you want to sell lash care products in addition to your lashes, but aren't sure where or how to start, read on for our tips on choosing what types of lash enhancers will work best for your business model!

Lash Serum Wholesale has many benefits

Lash Serum is a great way to give your lashes a boost. It's easy to use, safe and can be used on your eyelashes, brows and hair. There are a few simple steps involved in using Lash Serum:

  • Step 1: Apply Lash Serum directly onto the base of your lashes using a mascara wand. You should apply it once per night before bedtime for at least 14 days in order for it to take effect.

  • Step 2: You should also brush in upward strokes towards the root of each lash (this means brushing them upwards). This will help encourage growth that much faster!

  • Step 3: After applying your Lash Serum, wait 30 seconds before going to sleep so it has time set into place properly before bedtime rolls around again tomorrow night!

Clients want more than just lash extensions

The beauty industry is constantly evolving, and it’s important to keep up with the latest trends. One trend that has been gaining traction for the last few years is lash care. With an increasing number of people becoming interested in lash care, you can capitalize on this new market by offering your clients more than just extensions.

  • Clients want healthy lashes that grow long and strong.

  • Clients also want to protect their lashes from damage caused by things such as makeup removal products or sun exposure, which can make a person's natural lashes brittle and break off prematurely.

  • And finally, clients are looking for ways to increase the thickness or length of their existing lashes through products like ointments or serums applied directly onto each individual lash (no extensions needed!).

Lashes are the next brows trend

Lashes are the next brows trend. Lash serum is the new brows trend. Lashes are easier to maintain than brows, because you don't have to draw them on! But they're also more versatile than brows, because you can use them as a standalone product (for example, in your Instagram selfies).

Our Wholesale Eyelash Growth Serum has many benefits:

Lash serum is a great way to grow your business. It’s easy to use, and it's a great way to help clients maintain their natural lashes. Lash serum is also a great way to make money. Here are some benefits of selling lash serum:

  • Use it to Cross-sell / Upsell to increase sales

  • Help clients relax and feel more comfortable with lashes during their lash extensions application process

  • Establish Your Expertise By Offering Lash Care

More people are getting into lashes, even people who have gotten lash extensions in the past. Lash care is a great place for your business to grow.

If you're not already selling Lash Care, it's time to start. Lash Care is a great way to grow your business and get more clients in the door.

  • Lash serum is the new brows trend. More and more people are getting into lashes, even people who have gotten lash extensions in the past! This can be a great way for you to diversify your services and sell higher ticket items without having to train on a new skill set (since lash products are similar if not identical).

  • It's an easy sell. Lashes aren't complicated or expensive, so this makes them an accessible product for newbies as well as returning customers looking for something new from their favorite brand or aesthetician. And if someone wants something else done instead? No problem! You can always do that first before moving onto lashes—it just depends on what looks best with their face shape/skin tone/etc., which makes this product very versatile too :)

  • You'll get clients in through the door! There's no better way then offering something cool like this up front; plus it gives them something nice while they wait so there'll be no awkward silence between them sitting down and starting up with whatever service they want done :)

In the end, we know that it can be hard to get started in a new industry. But if you’re looking for something fun and exciting, then lash care might be the perfect place to start! We hope that this post has given you some insight into why selling our wholesale eyelash growth serum is so great and how it could be a great fit for your business.

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