What is Private Label Skincare?

What is Private Label Skincare?

There are different moving parts when it comes to the manufacturing and distribution of cosmetic products. To meet the demand of several skincare businesses, there is the need to produce cost-effective skincare products that align with the vision of these businesses. Understanding how this business concept works is very important to the scalability and profitability of your skincare business.

The lines that follow explain private label skincare as it compares with wholesale skincare products. It goes further to explain the different private label skincare products that we offer. It concludes with what you can expect to get from us when we collaborate.

Private Label Skincare vs Wholesale Skincare Products

Private label skin care involves working with a company who already has an established product that has been created and tested. The company then sells that product at a discounted rate to another business to market under their own label. Many private label companies are often referred to as ready to label because the product arrives to you "Ready to Label." This is ideal for skin care business owners who wish to start their company but don't want to spend time formulating or testing products. It's an easy and low cost way to get into the skin care industry without knowing much about ingredients or how to create products. 

In comparison, wholesale skincare is when an established skin care business sells their products in bulk with their label on it for a discounted rate. This typically works for stores who want to offer products for a profit but don't care about it being their brand or not. They are concerned with offering their customers products versus marketing it as their own. You may see this for spas, salons or boutiques. 

Different businesses have their own needs. It's good to determine who your customer is and what your brand will offer long term before choosing your option. 

What Products do we offer?

We offer a range of skincare products to your business according to your beauty standard expectations. Some of the skincare products that we are capable of delivering for your skincare business include Body oils, Facial products, Yoni wash, Lip scrub, and several others.

We deliver top quality, natural, and simple formulations that fits your needs. We do not compromise on the product quality for a low cost. We offer a wide range of organic skincare products that source their ingredients naturally while incorporating essential oils instead of fragrance oils. We offer premium products with great value that will make your customer trust in your skincare business only increase. We continually commit to making your business operations as seamless as possible by making your products available when they should be available.

What can you expect when purchasing private label skincare from us?

When partnering with us, it is only fair that you have some expectations and demand on quality of service to your business. Below are some of the things you can expect from us when purchasing private label skincare from us

  1. Handcrafted skincare: We take our time in developing your customized skincare products according to the specifications we get. You have our assurance that your private label skincare is one of a kind and specially handcrafted to meet your customization needs.
  2. 100% natural: We are capable of providing natural and simple skin care formulations. We offer a range of natural skincare products that are made from naturally sourced ingredients. We incorporate essential oils to increase the benefits of our products. We do not compromise on the quality standard of our natural product. We always seek to deliver great value through all our products and services.
  3. US Based: Logistics can be the deal-breaker for companies who wish to work together but are far apart. We are based in the US and can service your skincare business from anywhere in the US. We have a fast processing time and shipping time to ensure you receive your products in a timely manner.
  4. Faith-based business: Our brand was started in April 2020 with a vision from God to deliver natural skin care products to increase a woman's confidence in her natural beauty. The business quickly expanded into wholesale because other business owners were interested in our products. This brand continues to expand as the vision he gave our founder gets bigger.
  5. Simple Skincare: We are confident in making skincare’s superfluous steps as simple and seamless as possible. Our products are created with simple formulas because we believe less is more in skin care. 

Can I Purchase Wholesale with your Labels?

The simple answer is YES. We have the ability to offer wholesale skincare products with your labels on them. However, this comes with an increase in the price for this wholesale delivery. Adding your label on the product increases the time it takes to prepare the final skincare product and the cost of making it available. However, we are committed to making it work out and delivering your product to you as soon as possible. To get started with the wholesale purchase of skincare products, please connect with us via email at naturallycreatedwholesale.com to kickstart the process.


Different businesses require different services to improve their operations and deliver quality services to their customers. While some skincare businesses prefer brand names from wholesalers, private label skincare is the new growing trend in the industry. Several customers are now trusting small business retailers to deliver quality skin care products over the traditional name brands. If you are looking forward to increasing your brand reputation, now is the time to trust your guts and choose private label skincare.

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