The Truth About Yoni Wash

The Truth About Yoni Wash

Yoni Wash

Catering to vaginal health is serious business and one of the products that can seamlessly achieve this is Yoni wash products. Yoni is a Sanskrit word that translates into vagina or womb. In the market, different types of Yoni wash caters for vaginal health and wellness. Depending on what you need, you can be confident that there is a yoni product that attends to that need.

What is Yoni Wash?

Yoni wash products are natural and organic wash products for vaginal health and wellness. This soap is a natural cleaning alternative that helps you maintain a hygienic vaginal and anal area. The wash is useful for maintaining a nice and natural smell, restoring pH balance, skin tightening, eliminating odor and bacteria and much more. Yoni soaps are ideal for gently cleaning the vaginal area and adding the above benefits. Yoni eggs on the other hand are for rebuilding and improving the strength of the pelvic floor.

Why Are Yoni Products Becoming So Popular?

Yoni products are popular for all the right reasons. The benefits of using yoni products are the main reason why several people trust and depend on it. It helps to speed up the healing and recovery period for a healthy reproductive system postmortem. Yoni products are great at aiding the restoration from vaginal tears and episiotomy. It comes in handy for healing chronic vaginal or yeast infections.

The different yoni products are also popular because of their organic and natural ingredients. They contain herbs, essential oils and carrier oils that the skin needs. This makes them safe for use and a go-to alternative for your vaginal health and wellness product.

Types of Yoni Cleansers

There are different types of Yoni cleansers available to cater for your vaginal needs. These cleanser options cater to specific needs you might have when it comes to your vaginal health. Below are some of the yoni cleanser types you should know about

Yoni Bar Soap

    • This bar soap type is meant for cleansing the outside region of the vagina and anal area. They are specifically useful for fighting odor, restoring pH balance and tightening vaginal skin. They aid with the healing of haemorrhoids and are useful for reducing the pain associated with chronic yeast infection of the vagina.

      To use yoni bar soap, use your hands or a clean bathing sponge to apply your yoni bar soap to the external area of your vagina. You can do this during your shower or bath time. Cover the outer labia and other vagina areas of your body. Rinse off with warm water after a gentle scrub.
Yoni Gel
    • Yoni gels have astringent properties that add their healing capability to a wide range of vaginal health issues. The different gel types are good for curing or reversing vaginal laxity, maintaining the balance of delicate vaginal biome, remove bacterial overgrowth, among other things. They are also useful for reducing discharge coming from the vaginal region.

      To apply yoni gel, first, wash your vagina area with your clean hand or bath sponge. Apply your yoni gel to the exterior of your vagina. This is only meant for the exterior of your vagina. Do not wash inside your vagina.
Yoni Foaming Wash
    • This is an organic, natural and gentle vaginal cleanser type. This feminine cleanser helps you maintain your pH balance, hydrates your vulva, and leave it cool and fresh after every wash. Yoni wash packs all the right ingredients that makes you look forward to your daily wash activity.

      To use foaming wash, you need to wet your vagina area with warm water. Proceed to apply your foaming wash product with two pumps over your vagina area. Spread the foam and massage thoroughly. Rinse the wash foam off completely with warm water.

Yoni Wash Ingredients

There are several natural ingredients in different yoni wash products. These ingredients are put together to deliver the best vaginal health and wellness for the individual using them. The different yoni products come with different essential ingredients that add their unique feature to the person using them. Below are some of the ingredients you will typically find in all yoni products and their benefits

  1. Almond Oil: Almond oil is a great skincare ingredient that adds several benefits to your skin. In your yoni product, almond oil helps to treat dry screen, clears scaring, provides balance for the absorption of moisture, and reduces water loss.
  2. Coconut Oil: Another essential ingredient in yoni products is coconut oil. This ingredient is great for reducing inflammation, helping wounds heal, locking in skin moisture, protect your vaginal skin from harmful bacteria, among other benefits.
  3. Tea Tree Oil: This essential oil packs many benefits for the skin. This natural alternative is another essential ingredient that you will typically find in yoni products. It is useful for treating itchy skin, its antiseptic property combats oily skin, soothes and relieve painful vaginal skin irritation, is effective against harmful bacteria, wound healing properties, among many others.

Ingredients to Avoid In Feminine Cleansers

When picking out feminine cleansers for your use, some products contain harmful ingredients that you should be wary about. These ingredients are harmful to your vaginal health and wellness. They cause harm other than good to your body when you use them. In the feminine wash, you should avoid ingredients that have Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, among others.

Where to Purchase Yoni Wash Wholesale

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