How to Add Fragrance Oil to Wholesale Body Oils

How to Add Fragrance Oil to Wholesale Body Oils

I know the girls love the fragrances so if your customers prefer fragrance oils over essential oils, here's what I recommend. Order our wholesale body oils in the scent cocoa. The body oil will come without any essential oil added and then you can add your own fragrance oil. Here are a few places you can shop fragrance oils: 

Candle Science
Nature's Garden
Midwest Fragrance

This is not an extensive list, but these are a few trusted vendors we have found that have high quality fragrance oils. Always make sure to order samples if you can to test the oils prior to purchasing in bulk.

To add fragrance oil to our wholesale body oils, you can follow these simple steps: 

  1. Choose your fragrance oil: Select the fragrance oil you want to add to your body oil. Make sure that the fragrance oil is suitable for use on the skin and is safe for topical application.
  2. Measure the amount of body oil: Determine the amount of body oil you want to add fragrance to. Measure it out and pour it into a clean, dry bowl.
  3. Add fragrance oil: Add a few drops of fragrance oil to the body oil. Start with a small amount and gradually increase the amount until you achieve the desired scent.
  4. Mix the oils: Stir the body oil and fragrance oil together thoroughly, making sure that they are well blended.
  5. Store the scented body oil: Pour the scented body oil into a clean, dry bottle or container with a tight-fitting lid. Store the bottle in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.


Note: It is important to always patch test your scented body oil on a small area of your skin to check for any allergic reactions before using it all over your body. 

Pro tip: Make sure you check with your fragrance oil vendor to see how much fragrance oil you should add to your wholesale body oils. The amount of fragrance oil will vary from fragrance to fragrance. The recommended amount will also vary depending on whether it's for body, face or hair. 

The recommended ratio of fragrance oil is typically listed as a percentage. 

Let's use 1% as an example. Below is the formula to calculate: 

(ounces of oil) x (% of fragrance oil) = ounces of fragrance oil needed

4 oz of body oil x 1% = .04 ounces of fragrance oil

You will want to purchase a scale to measure your fragrance oil so that you can remain consistent as you scale your batches of product. Click here to check out our recommended scale to use for measuring fragrance oil. 



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