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Great Ideas

I love referencing this guide when I am not sure what to post. It has helped me a lot being that I am a new business, and I am trying to increase my sales. Don't hesitate to buy.

Great Products

I also make products, so I am very picky with what I put out. This Turmeric scrub is the TRUTH! It smells amazing too. Keep it up. I will be purchasing again

Awesome in a Jar!

Love All these products!!

Social Media Content Ideas
Stephanie Anderson

This Social Media Content Ideas is a great Ebook. It was definitely needed. It gave me a lot of ideas and insight on what I can post on social media for my business. It took away a lot of the anxiety I had about social media. Thank you Danielle!

Great Lip Scrub

I absolutely love this lip scrub. My only problem is that I didn't order enough. I've never ordered wholesale products before, but I was in a pinch and decided to give it a try. I will definitely be restocking again for my next vending adventure.

Social Media Content

I want to say thank you to Danielle for creating such an easy to follow guide. I am blown away in all the tips and content included. I most definitely will be implementing it in my business. Although, I am in the cosmetic industry this is very helpful and can be tweaked to help with content to grow your audience. I love her easy going personality and willingness to help and answer all your questions. I like she is not just about selling an item she actually explained it to me and the benefits behind it. She is simply amazing & thank you very much. I look forward to more products in the future to implement in my business to help my brand GROW!

Turmeric Scrub

Brought for a friend to feel her it with her skin issues and she loves it

I love it

Based off my other review, you can tell this is the holy grail my face feels make it without face. I will continue to support Danielle. She is one inspirational faith based woman , and I am so glad that she makes Products that are not only healthy for the skin, but healthy for younger children. If You were to share your products with them.

Seamoss Scrub

I absolutely love the scrub!! It leaves my skin feeling and smelling amazing!!


The body scrubs are amazing!! My customers love the Turmeric body scrub.

Best Lip Scrub

My customers love the lip scrub because it is gentle on their lips and doesnt cause peeling or have a chemical aftertaste.

I received this product in a timely manner. I have not really used it yet or sold any as of yet but it's a great product.

Love the Yoni wash

Best hands down. I’m very sensitive down there and the yoni was has made me fresh and squeaky clean. I can’t wait to share with my clientele. 🙌🏾

Wholesale Lip Scrub
Kimberly Merritt
Customers love it!

It’s not just another sugar scrub. Ingredients are straightforward and simple yet effective. They have the right balance of oil vs butter vs all the other manic she puts in. No overpowering artificial scents or flavors!

Basic Skin Care Business Starter Kit (valued at $167.00)

I love the samples I received and the guide was very informational.

VIP Group

Danielle has orchestrated a phenomenal platform to help small business owners navigate through their businesses. If you're looking for an affordable, informative, and hands-on group to join. Then join today!

Dropping Jewels

There is so much information shared in this group I can barely keep up. I feel like if I could keep up I could be on a whole other level as a business owner. If you are thinking about joining don’t hesitate. It will be worth that $60 a year you spend on it! The information dropped here is the truth!

ViP Boss Beauty’s

I love the group I have learned so much so far and plan on buying whole sale products .

Turmeric Scrub

Her turmeric scrub is amazing it lightens my scarf and dark marks so well

Best Coach and Products

Great customer service and always willing to help. Also her turmeric scrub is amazing it lightens my scarf and dark marks so well 🫶🏾

Yoni wash

Best Yoni wash ever i just ran out .

Wholesale Lip Scrub
Devyn Perkins
Lip scrub

This is the perfect weather to sell a lip scrub. Not only do I love it the couple of clients that purchased live it as well.
My daughter is the sales person for this product she really loves it tooo and uses it every other day.

Yoni Oil

Where do I start? Not only do I use it for myself it’s my leading seller. Some of my clients say they can’t go without it. Kiss to the chef ✨😘

Brown Sugar and Coffee Scrub

I was promoting this scrub to help with strawberry legs, and when I tell you how please they were . I’m forever grateful for you and your craft Danielle

Wholesale Lip Scrub
Kita Oliver
lip scrub

I use the product myself and on my clients. The lip scrub is mild abrasive, but great!